Myths, Legends & Percy Jackson

Greece | Minimum Age - 13 years

If you’ve always dreamt of going to Camp Half-Blood, here’s your chance! Travel to the Percy Jackson HQ: Mount Olympus, and more. This adventure is an attempt to decode Greek mythology and the deep connection Greek philosophy & science has to modern Western science and thinking. We start our Percy Jackson adventure with the Acropolis before moving on to Meteora and Delphi. The quest continues at Ancient Olympia, followed by a visit to the seafront town of Nafplion. A visit to ancient Cornith, home to another son of Poseidon, Bellerophon whose disastrous accidents in his youth make Percy’s seem tame, is a befitting end to this journey! This trip is led by experts on ancient Greek philosophy, culture and history and they will keep you enthralled with classic Greece stories of over 2000 years ago to the current day.

What can you expect to achieve from this trip
  • An 8-day submersion experience of the ancient seat of civilization, Greece
  • Visit Athens, Delphi, Olympia, Nafplion, ancient Corinth & Epidaurus
  • Explore SEVEN UNESCO Heritage Sites of Meteora, the Acropolis, the Archaeological Site of Delphi & Olympia, the Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus, Temple of Apollo Epicurius, Archaeological Site of Mycena
  • Inside Guided Tour of the famous Acropolis archaeological museum & the Olympic Stadium
  • Gain brownie points at school after spending time with experts on Greek History
  • Walk in the footsteps of Percy Jackson and learn the difference between myths & reality
  • New experiences in a safe, secure environment and an opportunity to acquire skills - independence, interdependence, and personality development

Trip Highlights

Ancient History & Modern times
Explore with experts of Greek Mythology
7 UNESCO Heritage Architectural and Cultural Sites
Perfect for Percy Jackson Fans
Story Telling & Journal Writing

Itinerary - 8 Days

Arrive in Athens

You land at Athens – the city that, in ancient times, two people competed to be patrons of: Annabeth Chase’s mom, Athena and Percy Jackson’s dad, Poseidon. The story goes that Athena gifted the city an olive tree, and Poseidon gifted them a salt-water spring. The city folks voted for Athena… and therefore, till date, the city is called Athens. Airport transfers, lunch and dinner is arranged for all visiting Demigods (that’s you!)

Meals: Lunch, Dinner

Athens - Acropolis and the Ancient Agora

After breakfast, head out on the Argo II to the site of the battle of the Giant Army: we’re talking about the Athens Mythology Tour of the Acropolis and the Ancient Agora. A guide / archaeologist who is also a walking wiki on all things Percy Jackson will be there to make ancient Greek history come alive; you also get to visit the Acropolis Museum.

After lunch, you enjoy the walking exploration of key sights of Athens including guided tour of the Olympic stadium. We stay overnight at Athens.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Athens - Meteora

We head north west to the Meteora. As the name suggests, this heavenly place is a series of rock formations high in the mountains, and has monasteries carved into rock faces. After having taken the most spectacular envy-inducing DPs, against the setting sun at Meteora, you learn about this amazing place from your expert guide. We head to Delphi via the charming town of Kalambaka at the foothills of Meteora.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Meteora - Delphi

The quest continues… but wait! What do we need to go on a quest? A prophecy... And we need the Oracle of Delphi for this. No problem! We visit the Temple of Apollo, the ancient theatre and the stadium of Delphi. You stay overnight in Delphi and watch out for Rachel Elizabeth Dare – after all, we all know she is the current Oracle of Delphi.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Delphi - Ancient Olympia

If you are wearing shoes, make sure those are Nikes and not Adidas or Under Armor – because we visit Ancient Olympia – yep, the same Olympia where Percy, Leo, Frank and Hazel meet and battle Nike and Victoria.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Ancient Olympia - Nafplion

We drive to the seafront town of Nafplion. Down a gelato or two, wolf down some seriously amazing Greek food, and off we go to Mycenae. What’s the Percy Jackson connection? Remember the time the ghost of Achilles warns Percy about bathing in the river Styx? That Achilles fought the Trojan War on the side of the king of Mycenae, Agamemnon. In your free time here, walk around the Lion Gate, the Cyclopean Walls and feel invincible, much like Agamemnon did! We stay overnight at Nafplion

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Ancient Corinth & Epidaurus Excursion

We visit ancient Corinth, home to another son of Poseidon, Bellerophon. This guy’s disastrous accidents in his youth make Percy’s seem tame! Now that’s a wild place for a visit! Remember Asclepius and his python, Spike? We head to his home, Asclepieon. While there, visit the Temple of Artemis – the Goddess of Hunt, as we know, and current boss of Thalia Grace. Our Olympian adventure over, we return to Athens

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Athens - Departure

Transfer to take the flight back home.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

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Expert on this trip

Monica Pillai

Monica Pillai

Monica has balanced a 17 year long career in HR & Communication while helping Bangalore Walks conduct history and culture tours where she has honed the art of taking charge and providing learning experiences to travellers. She believes that her un-glamorous corporate career has made her an expert on scheduling, planning etc. - skills that come handy when taking responsibility as an Expedition Manager, while we believe that her experience in the field of Learning & Development is what makes her a pro. When not gainfully occupied, Monica retires into one of her various reading nooks and spends hours with her nose buried in a book.

What's Included

Arrival and departure transfers at the destination at specified timings. Our team will help you with the details for your trip.

Safe, secure and fun accommodation at hostels, lodges & camps on shared basis - separate for girls and boys.

All meals. Breakfasts are continental style with cereal, toast, jam, butter. Picnic style lunches and hot dinners with snacks available on most days.

An experienced Internship Leader from the #DoTheDifferent team who travels from India and stays with the group at all times.

Meaningful experiences to introduce you to practical exposure on the subject of your interest.

Certificate for the valuable real experience and knowledge you have gained to boost University Applications & your CV.


What flights should I book? Open or Close

Flights are not included in your trip price. Should you like to travel on the same flight as our Trip Leader from India, we suggest the following flights ex-Mumbai:

Sunday EY-205 BOM 05.35 AUH 07.05
Sunday EY-091 AUH 09.30 ATH 13.30
Sunday EY-090 ATH 14.50 AUH 20.25
Sunday EY-206 AUH 22.00 BOM 02.45 (next day)

You are welcome to book other flights if you find them suitable, however please aim to arrive and depart within 1 hour of the above group arrival and departure from Athens to ensure the Trip Leader can personally receive and see you off.

What is the accommodation like? Open or Close

This entire trip is based on modest hotels on multi-sharing rooms. Since the group is visiting different cities everyday, the properties differ from day to day. Some have swimming pools.

What sort of meals are included on this trip? Open or Close

All meals are included on this trip and comprise of simple Mediterranean style food. Greek food is famous everywhere and though it can be different for those who are not exposed to travelling, an open mind and a flexible attitude can go a long way in adding to the whole experience. Breakfast will be buffet at the hotels (bread, butter, cheese, jam, fruits etc). Lunch will usually be on-the-go or picnic style sandwiches etc. Dinner will be hot meals at the hotels.

How can I get the most of this trip? Open or Close

If you are a Percy Jackson fan, this is a great trip for you. If you are a history buff, this is a great trip for you. If you have ever been interested in Greek mythology, this is a great trip for you. And if you are none of these, it’s time to start researching on these. Your trip includes some journal writing and the more you know, the more imaginative you can be. Our trips are a great opportunity to do many things – learn, grow and certainly have fun and Greece is one place you can do them all.

Is there any special documentation needed to obtain a visa for Greece? Open or Close

All Indians entering Greece need to hold a valid Schengen visa. Travellers below the age of 18 travelling as unaccompanied minors require special documentation. You may also require documentation relating to the person receiving the participants at the destination. DoTheDifferent provides visa assistance though the documentation is the responsibility of the parents / travellers. Visa is granted at the consulates discretion.


Start Date End Date
05 May 2019 12 May 2019
16 June 2019 23 June 2019

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