School Groups

After 3 years of introducing scores of young adults on transformational educational trips around the world, DoTheDifferent is pleased to present a selection of trips specifically tailored to meet the all-encompassing learning experiences progressive schools seek.

Our unique school trips are designed to deliver learning well before students join the trip and continue till well after the students have returned from their adventure. Watch your students turn into curious learners, inventors and presenters as they delve into subjects related to the trip with our pre and post trip work. Ask us for more information.

Each DoTheDifferent trip is designed to incorporate TANCS – The 5 aspects we believe effectively provide the desired holistic learning.


We cover History, Geography, Global Perspectives, Design, Language as well as Environmental Management. Participants will return with a deeper understanding of the subject.

Adventure / Activity

Pushing boundaries to do things out of the ordinary is an integral characteristic of each of the trips. Learning a new skill and experiencing something new is the only way to expand the horizons of young minds.


All our trips include experiences in the great outdoors enabling participants to interact with the soothing elements of nature, something urban dwelling teens rarely get the chance to do.


Each trip embraces “Creativity is intelligence having fun” through activities that nurture this trait with workshops and projects such as carpentry, local arts & crafts, cooking, photography, writing etc. 

Social Responsibility

We promote responsible travel through community work, by interacting with locals and even working with accomplished NGOs and individuals to achieve results. We teach students to leave the places we visit having bettered them in whatever way they can, however small.


Our programs are way more than an annual school trip. They have proved incredibly successful in providing a unique and beneficial learning experience to young adults who have already travelled with us, many of whom have returned multiple times.



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