Teenage years are precious & exciting and it’s a time that won’t return. It can be wonderful and perhaps a bit overwhelming to soak it all in while you figure out the path ahead - subjects to drop, career paths to consider and carve out some time for serious fun.

Indeed, life will give you plenty of time to find your purpose (and you don’t have to have just one), but, we can help you get a head start (without compromising on the fun time). We’ve made it easy for you to walk in the footsteps of many who have chosen to #DoTheDifferent. We’ll open the doors to experiences formal schools and at times even parents can’t introduce you to, to things you might not have thought about yet and possibly to things you may be yearning to do. We’ll put you in situations where you’ll learn more about the world and about yourself, especially the things that make you tick and the ones that don't!


The World
is your Classroom

We are trying to avoid the cliché "Travel is the Best Teacher" stuff, but that's exactly what it is! You need to get out there because sometimes even the best institutions are not educational enough


You can be Anything
you want to be

You know that! Except, there might exist something that's just for you that you may not even be aware of! Get real world exposure, hands on experiential learning & real life inspiration from those who walk the talk.


Always Challenge
Status Quo

No one ever got anywhere by staying within their comfort zone. Only when we challenge everything around us, do we discover our potential. We'll push you out of the box and you’ll see the change yourself.



We respect the animal kingdom that can’t talk and the environment that can’t walk. We respect local folks and their customs. We use inclusive accommodation & commit ourselves to character building community work.

is the Compass
that Leads us
to our Passions

Our Story

DoTheDifferent is the brainchild of IIM-B Alumna Gauri Jayaram. While her experience in the travel industry spans over 25 years in varied profiles with some of the world’s most famous travel brands, it was her role as a mother of two teenagers, that prompted her to develop the signature DoTheDifferent Young Adult Internships & Leadership Expeditions in 2017. Since then the company has operated trips in South Africa, India, Tanzania, Nepal and introduced many more compelling programs to many more countries.

Designed to introduce 13 to 19 year olds to varied topics and subjects such as environment, wildlife, culinary arts, photography as well as in personal development, leadership etc. that are best experienced and learnt outside conventional classrooms, the trips deliver the philosophy of ‘Travel is the Greatest Education’, while giving teenagers ‘hand on exposure’ and the chance to experiment with subjects through work that is appropriate at their physical, emotional and intellectual level, opening doors to the incredible possibilities their future can offer.

Why Choose Us

Life is an
Discover, appreciate and understand the world you live in
An insight into unconventional opportunities
Develop New
Skills & Interests
Many that can’t be taught in an ordinary classroom
Learn first-hand
from the experts
Get access to specialists and leaders in their field
Personality Development
Independence, Team Building & Leadership
Authentic Cultural Exchanges
& Community Work
Meaningful experiences that make a difference
like-minded Youth
From all over India and at times the world
Safe Environment
Self-discovery & Growth in a secure environment
Internship & Participation
Value Addition to College Applications with the Certificate

Our Experts

  • Shaymal Valabhjee

    Shaymal Valabhjee

    Shaymal is a South African Sports Scientist & Performance Coach with two decades experience in High Performance Sporting environments. The author of four books on Sports Science & Motivation, a TEDx speaker, recipient of the INK & Australia India Youth Dialogue Fellowship he was also declared Men's Health 'Trainer of the Year 2014'.

    His on field experience with Olympians & Championship winning teams & three years of living as a monk have taught him the art & science of work-life balance. He says 'We must learn how to starve our fears and feed our courage in our quest to cultivate excellence.'

    He works with athletes & executives to unlock their potential, mentally, physically & emotionally. And he pushes his own physical and mental limits through ultra-marathon running and mountaineering.

  • Milind Soman

    Milind Soman

    Best known as a supermodel, actor, film producer and an avid sportsman, Milind Soman is one of the most widely known Indian icon promoting fitness. He is the founder and passionate ambassador of Pinkathon, India’s biggest ‘women only’ marathon that attracts over 70,000 women runners each year. He is also involved in several other fitness & travel related ventures. In 2017 Milind completed the Ultraman to beat his Ironman challenge.

    An ultra-achiever and an international level competitive swimmer since a very young age, he accidentally ventured into the world of modelling while he was pursuing a diploma in engineering and went on to create his unique and unconventional life and career path, leading by example at every stage.

    Coming from a family of academicians, he credits much of his success to the freedom & support his family offered, in particular his mother Usha Soman who continues to inspire him.

  • Nandini Raman

    Nandini Raman

    Founder of I Am Fine, a Guidance & Wellness Consultancy, Nandini Raman quit a fancy marketing job at a leading international music company to turn counsellor, which she believed was her calling. She holds a postgraduate degree in psychology from Madras University, Chennai, India and authors a weekly column on education for the leading daily The Hindu.

    She has trained extensively honed her academic and clinical skills in counselling and training over 10 years, including 3 years as a university counsellor where she also served as an assistant professor.

    She has successfully worked on numerous emotional and psychological problems across varied age groups and in particular with adolescents. She is qualified to administer and interpret the MCMF (My Choice My Future) career assessment by Pearson Academy India, which helps young adults identify their skills, interest and their future calling.

Our Expedition Managers

  • Geeta Amin

    Geeta Amin

    An architect by education, Geeta is an avid photographer and a successful entrepreneur (did we mention that she’s also our co-founder?). At a time when India was just waking up to the idea of travelling around the world, Geeta had already backpacked solo across the length and breadth of Europe, India and USA. Her photography expeditions have taken her across Patagonia, Ethiopia, North Korea and 60 other countries. From the jungles of Borneo to Botswana she’s ready to sacrifice all comforts if it means a unique encounter with the wild. And, she’s the best surviving example of an Indian vegetarian traveller one can find.

  • Mehvash Arslan

    Mehvash Arslan

    Some of the most interesting conversations around our office revolve around the name of this outdoor enthusiast who carries the huge responsibility of curating and operating our impeccable trips on her (extra) small shoulders. But as they say – don’t let the size fool you. A muti-talented team member Mehvash holds a Master’s degree in Maritime Archaeology from UK and wildlife and the environment are close to her heart. Her daily routine includes planning the menu for her dogs dinner and though she might be failing miserably in converting people to commute by bicycle, she makes an ace leader on our trips!

  • Marshall Thomas

    Marshall Thomas

    It took Marshall less than six months of working for a tech firm to figure out that he was as far away from his calling as he could be. From there started his journey in the travel industry and he’s never looked back. He spent a happy number of years living in the Andamans working as a Tour Manager for a resort at Havelock Islands where he mastered the skill of people managing. His personal interests range from permaculture to playing the guitar. He loves to read and write but insists that he doesn’t read what he writes!

  • Dhirender Jamwal

    Dhirender Jamwal

    With his roots in the mountains near Palampur where he spent most summer vacations hiking, bathing in spring fed rivers, and wandering the fields, Dhiru’s love for the outdoors has stayed with him, and to this day his preferred mode of transport remains his 10 year old cycle. His diverse background includes 5 years with an organisation promoting running in India. A big hit with our trip participants, he is a professional shooter and competes in the 10m Air Rifle event. He also gives his time to sporting event organisation (he volunteered at the Olympics in Rio), fitness training, and bizarrely, even the coffee export business.

  • Monica Pillai

    Monica Pillai

    Monica has balanced a 17 year long career in HR & Communication while helping Bangalore Walks conduct history and culture tours where she has honed the art of taking charge and providing learning experiences to travellers. She believes that her un-glamorous corporate career has made her an expert on scheduling, planning etc. - skills that come handy when taking responsibility as an Expedition Manager, while we believe that her experience in the field of Learning & Development is what makes her a pro. When not gainfully occupied, Monica retires into one of her various reading nooks and spends hours with her nose buried in a book.

  • Malvika Bhandary

    Malvika Bhandary

    Malvika’s love for the outdoors comes from the 4-5 weeks a year her family would spend in the wilderness - sleeping in tents, fishing and cooking their own food & even bathing in the Cauvery river. Her most vivid memory from those years is watching a majestic tusker swim across the river! Before setting up her own graphic design firm, she lived in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve managing a resort. She loves elephants, the sound of flowing water, the smell of old books, petrichor and all things creative! Oh, and Frank Sinatra can get her through the toughest of days!

  • Arvind Bharati

    Arvind Bharati

    Arvind's background is as varied as they come – a telecom engineer by education he ended up working at a tech start up and then at a recreational firm where he led the team that built one of the country's first running brand - Runners for Life. 10 years later, he switched gears to become an educator at Azim Premji University, a yoga instructor and the founder of India’s first school for ultimate frisbee. Sports is a big part of his life, he also manages sports at Skylight world academy. He enjoys long distance running, cycles to commute, plays football and table tennis and is one of the best ultimate frisbee players you’ll find.

  • Pooja


    An army kid with a passion for the outdoors and travel, Pooja is most content on the move. She has combined an education in travel with the Basic & Advanced Mountaineering courses at the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling. She’s travelled from Ladakh to Rameswaram and assisted in managing a campsite in Tons, lead a trek to Chandrashila, Uttarakhand, and spent time as an instructor for a summer camp for youngsters in Rishikesh. Currently stationed Rameswaram with a kitesurfing school and water sports centre, she believes she has an eclectic taste in music, food and loves trying out new places & ideas.

  • Sangeetha Sashindran

    Sangeetha Sashindran

    For over 20 years Sangeetha has been associated with education and training of young adults. When she is not busy counseling students on international university admissions or helping them prepare for life-defining exams, you’ll find her rock climbing, running or most likely on a high altitude trek putting to use her Trip Leaders skills acquired from National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), USA. She’s also trained in High Altitude evacuation (though luckily she’s never had to use those skills!) She’s been on over 30 high altitude treks spread across India, Nepal, Greece, USA & Morocco and she lives by one mantra: Where to next?

Our Team

These are some of our fabulous team members you may end up speaking with during the course of exploring or finalising a trip with us.

  • Reshna Alex

    Reshna Alex

    An engineer by qualification, Reshna gave up a career in engineering to pursue her self-professed purpose of making the world a better place. And that’s how she ended up enrolling for a long term leadership program. In her last avatar she was the project coordinator with Sahpathi, the non-profit initiative of Edulever. You are most likely to be the first person you speak to when you call us. She is also a certified yoga teacher and one of these days we are going to add yoga classes to her job description.

  • Bianca Nagpal

    Bianca Nagpal

    After years of building an enviable career in the travel business she tossed it all for the most prestigious job in the world - that of a mommy! And naturally as the mother of two teenagers she understands the value of what we offer better than anyone else ever can. Exploding with new ideas, especially those that include eating great food (the proper word being 'gastronomical explosions’), she can speak Spanish and multi-task like no one you know.

  • Prarthana Prasad

    Prarthana Prasad

    With a degree in geoinformatics firmly tucked under her arm, Prarthana took off to Miami to get herself a commercial pilot license (which she did!). Clearly that hasn’t remotely satiated her hunger for adventure, for this PADI Certified Open Water Diver, pro swimmer and national level water polo player, takes off to sky dive and bungee jump when life permits. And in between these personal adventures she’s devoted herself to helping young people find their passion through travel.