Aprajita & Alisha Return from Greater Kruger

Two teenagers and wildlife lovers from Bangalore speak about the hope a trip like the Internship in Greater Kruger gave them. They speak about why they joined our conservation trip and how this trip was an eye-opener for them

Akash Shroff on his EBC Leadership Trek

We asked 16 year old Akash to describe his Everest Base Camp Leadership Challenge in one word. He summed it up beautifully supporting it with arguments that make us proud of both our participants and the work we do.

Asif Zakaria gives a parent's insights

Asif Zakaria speaks about why these trips are not comparable to school trips and holidays with parents and how this trip changed his daughter. (P.S: The following year his younger daughter also took a marine internship trip with us.)

Shayamal Valabhjee on Endurance Trip Takeaways

How does a challenging experience such as a multi-day active expedition change you as a person and what are your learnings from the peer group when you do it as part of the group? Listen to one of India's leading names in Sports Psychology and advisor to #DoTheDifferent

Karan Nagpal After the Widllife Internship

Watch Karan Nagpal speak about what he did in South Africa on the Wildlife Conservation Internship program. From the work to the food and the friends, he explains why everything is so different about this trip.

Dhruv Shetty on how EBC Leadership Trek changed him

15 year old Dhruv had never been on a trip without his parents and he jumped right into the long adventure that the Base Camp Leadership Trek is. And he had the best time ever, at least so he says :)

Anil Thakur on Vedika's Experience in Africa

Anil speaks about why he chose this trip for Vedika. While it may have been an opportunity to further her interest as a wilfelife enthusiast, he speaks about all the other things she gained from the experience of travelling on her own on this trip.

Devansh Gulati's Takeaways from EBC Leadership Trek

The best present Devansh got on his 16th birthday was the Leadership Expedition to Everest Base Camp that his parents gifted him. He articulates how this trip was a life-changing experience for him.

Maleeha Zakaria on her Kruger Trip

Maleeha speaks about how the South Africa trip made for an unconventional internship opportunity for her and all the unique things that she imbibed from this travel experience.

Aryan Manoj, the youngest on the EBC Leadership Trek

Aryan Manoj did not let his age come in the way of his ability to take on this incredible challenge of trekking to the Base Camp of Mt. Everest on our Leadership Expedition. He talks about his take-away from Nepal.

What Chirag Raaj learnt from his EBC Leadership Trek

16 year old Chirag was one of our most enthusiastic participants on the leadership expedition that trekked to the base camp of the mighty Mt. Everest. He speaks about what this trip meant to hm.

Alisha Vikram on Wildlife Photography in Greater Kruger

Alisha Vikram speaks of her photography experience from experts on her trip to Kruger that has helped her further her interest, particularly in Wildlife Photography

We asked Aprajita & Alisha - what did you learn?

What are the personal learnings one can expect when you get away on a trip like a wildlife internship to a place as far as away as South Africa? Looks like plenty…

Why Young Adults Recommend the Wildlife Internship

If you think that a wildlife conservation trip is only about furthering your interest in nature and animals, you are mistaken. Two of our young participants speak about the 'other' take-aways from our programs

Aprajita on how difficult was the EBC Leadership Trek

Trekking to the Base Camp of the highest peak can be intimidating, more so when it is the first time you head out on a trek. We asked 16 year old Aprajita on how difficult was it for her & how did she cope with it?

Things you'll do on the Wildlife Internship Trip

From working in schools to cleaning reptile rescue spaces and many other things, the widllife internship trips are full of first time experiences for many things, some of which you may not even imagine.