Marine & Wildlife Conservation

In 1998, 1102 animal &
1197 plant species were
declared endangered. In
2012, the number stood
at 3079 animal & 2655
plant species worldwide.

An endangered
species is a species
which has been
categorized as very
likely to become

Oceans are 70% of our
planet & support the lives
of over 700,000 species

A quarter of the worldwide coral reefs are already lost & another two-thirds under serious threat

12 million metric tons of plastic ends up in oceans each year

Hunting, poaching and destruction of natural habitat – all human activities are primarily responsible for the dwindling populations

We are the cause and we are the only solution!
Get involved and be the change you want to see.

A marine & wildlife internship is your chance to work alongside expert conservation professionals on real projects
Hands-On Experience where
the real action is – in the heart
of the bush or in the ocean
Learn about the delicate balance between man and the wild from local communities